Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation / Rescheduling policy
Video Walkthrough
Virtual Staging
Turnaround Time

General questions

  • Who do you work with?

    We are happy to assist you whatever your connection is to the property. Our clients range from home owners, real estate agents and brokers, developers, and even AirBnB hosts. We aim to serve any and all clients who could use our photography expertise

  • Will the photographer stage my property?
    Owing to liability and risk of injury, our photographers are limited only to light staging (e.g. fluffing pillows, moving blankets, closing toilet seats, turning off TVs, and straightening dining room chairs). Clients should be sure to clean, prepare, and stage the property to their liking before the shoot, and are encouraged to please view our pre-shoot checklist with further details on how to achieve best results.
  • Is my photographer experienced in real estate photography and will I be getting the same quality of photos on your website?
    Our expert photographers are rigorously trained and monthly reviewed to assure their quality is second-to-none. We assure that our clients get only the best from Visual Grip. Moreover, every image taken by all of our photographers is uploaded to our in-house processing team that makes sure that every photograph looks its absolute best.
  • Do you come to the house first to give me a quote?

    Given that our photographers are constantly out in the field taking pictures of properties, we do not offer on-site estimates, but we offer a standard set of rates for our services which can be viewed on the order page. If you are unsure what the cost of our services would be or what would work best for your needs, we happily take queries at 973-741-7351 or at Please include your location, square footage, and listing price of the property so we can give you an accurate estimate and guide you to the right service that matches your needs.

  • What photography method do you use?
    We choose HDR (high dynamic range) due to the stunning quality it produces in all lighting conditions. Given HDR digitally combines multiple exposures into a single photograph with the aim to capture the optimal lighting and definition, we find it works marvels to capture your property in the best conditions. Because we shoot exclusively in HDR which assures optimal lighting without any additional light source, no flash photography is necessary.
  • How long does it take to photograph a listing?
    Our photographers usually spend between 30-60 minutes on site, with larger properties and special services taking somewhat longer. In order to assure prompt and timely service, the property must be open house ready by the time the photographer is scheduled to arrive. Because of our commitment to respecting all of our customer’s time, our photographers are unable to wait for the property to be readied owing to the tight schedule our photographers keep.
  • Where do you usually start when taking photos?

    The main entrance of the house is our preferred entry point and we tend to work towards the back of the property to assure that everything is captured. We also recognize that this may help our customers assure that everything is exactly as they want to present it.

  • Can we move things from one room to another?

    Generally, clients should prepare the property beforehand to minimize moving, as this is especially problematic if multiple services are offered during a single visit as that can necessitate back-and-forth moving that will slow down the visit.

  • Can I change my order onsite with the photographer?

    Though we always aim to accommodate our clients as much as we are able, there are times where last minute changes simply cannot be made owing to equipment and time-requirements. Once our photographers are on site, we may simply not have the equipment available to provide additional services, nor the time to change the scope of the project. Nevertheless, to see whether an upgrade is possible, we encourage our clients to call us at 973-741-7341 or e-mail us at

  • How does it work when we are ordering multiple services?
    Our goal is for all services to be conducted in a single visit, but this occasionally will require multiple professionals on-site at the same time. For instance, a video and drone fly-over may be conducted while another photographer takes the 3d virtual tour and captures the photographs of the property.
  • Does my photographer process/deliver the images to me?
    No, our photographers have only one job: to take the best photographs they can. Instead, our in-house image-processing team takes their work, works their magic, and delivers the perfected result to you.
  • Do you do any other type of photography services besides real estate?

    Unfortunately, we only offer real-estate services at this time.

  • Do you do headshots, team photos, or lifestyle photos?

    Whereas we do not currently offer head-shots, team photos, or lifestyle photos we are intending to branch out to these services soon. Please check back!

  • Do you offer brochures?
    Unfortunately we do not offer any print services.
  • Do you give discounts if I scheduled multiple homes in one day?
    Sorry we do not discount for multiple shoots scheduled in one day.
  • Can I contact my photographer directly with any questions on my order?

    Owing to the busy schedule our photographers operate under, they are often unable to answer to speak to clients. To make sure all problems are promptly resolved, we encourage our clients to reach out to the office at 973-741-7341 or send an email to

  • When is payment due?
    Payment is due as soon as we finish shooting your property. An invoice will be e-mailed to you for you at the conclusion of the appointment.
  • Do I own any of the media of my listings?
    When you purchase a product from us, what you are given is the UNLIMITED right to use the photos and video tour for marketing of the listing and yourself on any website or social media site you like. This is a licensing agreement. We retain copyright and ownership over all photographs and videos taken by Visual Grip, and do not permit editing or alteration of our product in anyway. All such edits must be conducted by us as our videos and photographs are a reflection on our brand and work. For further information, please read our Terms and Conditions.
  • Will you upload the photos to the MLS?
    No, we cannot access MLS for you. Nevertheless, we deliver photographs properly sized for MLS and can be readily uploaded on your side.
  • The seller has made changes in one of the rooms. Can you reshoot it?
    We are happy to reshoot, but this will incur a fee. We recommend having the room entirely as you wish it to be presented to avoid reshooting, and with special caution taken to remove any items which could pose privacy risks.


  • How soon should I schedule?
    Services should be ordered as early as possible in order to accommodate your scheduling needs. However, clients should still contact us even with tighter schedules as we strive to work out a solution to any problem.
  • What is the quickest and easiest way to book an appointment?

    We encourage all clients to book online for fastest service at After receiving the order, we will work with you to find an ideal time to schedule the service, keeping in mind that some services may have a limited window. When ordering, please have the address, size of the property, and any additional requests on hand so we can accurately assess the services and timeframe that would best serve your needs. You may also reach us at 973-741-7341 or email us at

  • How long after my order is placed can we confirm the appointment?
    The time to set up the photo shoot can vary owing to photographer or property availability and the type of services ordered, but we aim to schedule within three business days.
  • Can I request a photographer?
    We welcome requests for specific photographers, but given established schedules, the photographer may not be available. We pride ourselves at maintaining a photography team without peer, and we can assure you that no matter which photographer ends up working on your job, the results will always be to your liking.
  • I really liked my photographer. Can I choose to only work with them?
    We’re always happy when a client loves the work of one of our photographers, but choosing to work with only the photographers you’ve had good experiences before can lead to a number of problems in regards to scheduling and equipment availability. A specific photographer may be unavailable during the period you wish to schedule your appointment or they may not have the equipment for the type of service you need (such as Zillow 3D Tours, twilight shoots, or floor plans). As we know that personal connections greatly enhance the photography experience, we encourage clients to let us know who they would like to work with in the future so we can add them to your account. That way, your preferred photographers will always show up if available whenever you contact us for your appointment.
  • The home is vacant and there are keys in my office, can you pick them up on your way to the apartment?
    Unfortunately we cannot pick up keys. We ask you, the property owner, or manager to provide us with access, or arrange for the doorman or front desk to hand the keys or lockbox combinations to our photography team. Please make these arrangements in advance to avoid cancellation due to a lack of access.
  • What if I cannot be at my appointment?
    Not a problem! Our photographers are all familiar with lock boxes or can use hidden keys/garage codes to access the property by themselves. If the homeowners or tenants will be present in the home without an agent, please ensure that they know when the photographer is arriving. It is also vital to make sure the property is ready before the photography arrives, as our photographers are not responsible for the readiness, staging or cleaning of the property.
  • Do you have a SUPRA MLS key?
    Sorry, we do not. If you would like for us to access the home with a lockbox then please assure we will be in receipt of the code for the shoot, preferably in advance. Please note: That our photographers cannot access properties with a Supra lock box as our photographers do not have subscriptions or memberships to any lockbox services.

Cancellation / Reschedule policy

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellations owing to inclement weather do not incur a cancellation fee, with all other cancellations requiring 24 hours of notice. Any cancellations made within 24 hours will incur a fee equal to 50% of the total booking fee, including the following instances:

    1.An unprepared site for shooting that would require more than 30 minutes of preparation to be readied or the client decides to reschedule. However, no charge will be incurred if another unit on the property is ready to be photographed during the time the photographer is on-site.
    2. Transport delays on the part of our client in excess of 30 minutes.
    3. Tenants that refuse entry to the photography team.
    4. The photographer cannot access the property owing to a mistake on the part of the client to adequately arrange for access.
    5. The client is not present for the appointment.

  • How do I reschedule or cancel?

    You may reschedule by calling 973-741-7341 or cancel by emailing your request to But please cancel at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a cancelation fee.

  • What happens in inclement weather situations?
    It is up to the client to decide whether the weather poses a sufficient obstacle to a successful shoot. Please contact us promptly with your decision so we make scheduling adjustments. We encourage clients to consider a rescheduling when: Heavy rain is forecasted. If light rain is expected for a drone shoot. Fog is expected owing to the difficulty of altering images to reflect nicer conditions. If snow is forecasted owing to the chance that the snow may negatively affect the property’s visual appeal. Cloudy days are not at all a problem provided no rain/snow is expected. Often, lighting is best on days moderate cloud cover. If for any reason the weather poses a risk to our photographers (such as severe storms, blizzards, hurricanes, etc.) we will reschedule the shoot on our own accord and with no charge to you.
  • My shoot is today but the home isn’t ready. What are my options?

    We understand that it can be difficult to prepare the property for a photo shoot. Whereas we always encourage clients to take the time needed to prepare their property well in advance of our photographers being on scene, please do not hesitate to contact us to reschedule your shoot if it is necessary. You can reach us at 973-741-7351 and please our review our policy on cancellations/rescheduling.

    Our expert photographers are trained to make the best of even less-than-optimal situations and we are willing to shoot the property as-is if the client does not communicate a desire to do otherwise. We will always strive to do our best and provide excellent work for you to make use of. Nevertheless, to assure the highest quality and your satisfaction, please prepare the property exactly as you want it presented.


  • How many photos do I need?
    It is ultimately up to the client to decide how much or how little of the property they want to put on display. Some prefer an exhaustive, detailed look at the property, whereas others prefer to only offer a few images to give a sense of what the property is like. Please also remember that some MLS systems may limit the amount of photos that are usually available to be uploaded, though this can be bypassed by logging in directly into their systems.
  • Can I preview all of my images and choose the ones I want?
    We take only the best photographs and so we rarely expend the effort to more than a handful more than the project demands, and so we do not offer a proofing service. If you have specific requests for what we should photograph, please let your photographer know. We are happy to photograph what you want.
  • Can I ask the photographer to take certain shots or angles?
    Our photographs are completely willing to accept direction on-site. We welcome our clients to tell us what is most important to them and what they want in their photo package. Given the limited time of the appointment, however, we advise clients to limit such special directions in order to assure the entire project is completed in a timely manner.
  • What photo editing is included in my photos?
    Our image processing wizards work hard to deliver you the best results. Your photographs will typically be improved with: Color correction. Adjustments to brightness, contrast, and exposure Cosmetic alterations like changing an overcast sky to a blue one. Cropping and small item removal Upon request, we can also virtually spruce up your lawn with green grass.
  • Can you photoshop that?

    Removal of small items is included in the cost of your photography package. We recommend you tell your photographer on-site as to what sort of touch ups you’d like to see done. If you need any additional touch up requests after you received the photos then contact We are usually able to deliver such touch-ups within 24-48 hours. Keep in mind, however, that large or detailed requests may incur an additional charge depending on the amount of work needed. We recommend having things as close as possible to what you want photographed to avoid such charges.

  • Can my photographer take detail shots of important features?
    Of course we can! Though we generally focus on the layout and overall space of a property, unique features that the client believes are worth paying special attention to can and will be photographed upon request. Please let us know in advance all such features that you want emphasized in your photography package.
  • What rooms and areas are photographed?
    Typically, the entire property and all rooms are photographed. If for some reason you want to ignore or downplay some portions of the property please let your photographer know.
  • I only need a couple of photos. Can I schedule for less than what you have on your website?
    Unfortunately, our minimum packages (NJ: 15 photos, NYC: 6 photos) are the lowest we can go. It just does not make sense logistically for us to come out to photograph less than this given the time and expenses of such a shoot, which in turn would prohibitively raise the cost of such a limited shoot for our clients.
  • Is the pricing the same for FSBO (for sale by owner) and real estate professionals?
    Yes, our pricing is the same.
  • How much is it for rental properties?
    Pricing depends on the amount of photographs taken, not on whether the property is for sale or for rent.
  • What if my photographer can't access common areas/amenities during my appointment?
    Our goal is to incorporate such common areas/amenities during the visit and in most instances, there’s no problem in so doing. Nevertheless, if access cannot be obtained, we will be unable to incorporate those areas into the shoot. However, because we keep many stock images on file of many areas we’ve visited before, we encourage our clients to contact us as we may already have the resources available to assist you.
  • What if there isn’t any overhead lighting, do you bring additional lighting?

    We can and do shoot in all lighting conditions, from dark to bright. Nevertheless, please be sure your lights are in working order in order to get the best possible views of the property.

  • Do you shoot inside closets?
    Whereas we generally only shoot walk-in closets, we are happy to oblige requests to showcase unique features of other closets such as shelving, shoe space, etc. Please be sure your closet is organized neatly to assure the best photographs can be taken.
  • Can you photograph the area around my listing like stores and parks?

    Yes, we are happy to do so, but this will be for an additional cost. Given the photography order is of the interior and exterior of the property, additional photography would require additional payment. Please schedule this in advance.

  • Am I allowed to tip my photographer?
    Absolutely! While they're unable to accept or process any payments for your photo shoot, you're always welcome to provide personal tips onsite to your photographer.
  • Will you make a slideshow from my photos?
    Video and 3D offer a much more immersive experience than slideshows, and so we do not offer slideshows.
  • What time of day are exterior twilight shoots captured and how long does it take?
    Twilight photo shoots are scheduled 20 minutes before sunset and our teams stay on site for 30-45 minutes to capture the property as the sky darkens and the sun’s fading light glows. Meanwhile, night shoots focus take place just as evening descend with interior lighting in the house turned on to produce a beautiful contrast with the darkened environment, often leading to stunning results. Please be sure you have turned on all the lights in the property, inside and outside the house, and that anyone in the property remain out of site of the photographers to avoid being captured in the images.
  • Can I split my package between a daytime and twilight shoot?
    Given both the length of time our photographers would have to spend on site and the optimal time of day for shooting in each setting, it would be impossible for us to schedule a day time and twilight/night shot as a single appointment. Instead, we recommend that a client interested in both a day and evening view of their property to schedule two separate photo shoots.
  • Why is HDR (high dynamic range) photography better?
    In a sense, HDR photos capture images in a way closer to how the eye sees the world. Our eyes do not use flash, but can naturally see a balanced range of lights and details even in dim conditions. Specifically, HDR combines different exposures together in order to assure maximal capture of light, while also providing beautiful depth, sharpness, and clarity. Plus, this removes the need for flash photography, which often produces flat and ugly lighting and strange shadows.
  • Do I need different photos for print and advertising?
    No. Our high-quality images are suited to every purpose, including websites, print advertisements, and virtual tours.
  • Can we do interior photos today since it's raining and then have you come back when it's better weather to do exteriors?
    We are happy to come back another time to conduct an exterior photo shoot, but keep in mind that if you choose this option this will be billed as a separate appointment. We do not do split, single appointments, as we schedule for the whole project, and it is up to the client to tell us if they would like to reschedule so everything can be done in one visit. If you do want an exterior only shoot, please make sure to have everything set to your liking. We highly recommend that garbage cans be placed out of view, that vehicles are parked inside the garages, and lawn furniture is arranged how you want to present your property. As setting and staging are entirely up to the client, keep in mind that we will not be organizing these features for you. Our goal is to give you the best photography experience possible, so please have everything to put the best possible presentation for your property.
  • Can I use a photo package for 2 units instead of submitting 2 separate orders?
    Unfortunately no. All packages are sold separately, and each package applies only to one unit of a property. One cannot split the packages across multiple properties, even if they are in the same building.
  • What is blue sky guarantee?
    Our blue sky guarantee is our guarantee to make sure only the best visual experience is delivered to our customers. For exterior and interior-shooting, this means that we will edit at least half the sky blue to maximize the appeal of your shots. Of course, there are limitations. 1. We cannot add in blue sky when the sky is obscured by storms, fog, haze, or other inclement weather. We recommend rescheduling your shoot in these circumstances. Please read our cancellation/rescheduling policy for further details. 2. We also cannot edit video with blue skies.
  • Do I need to provide a punch list/shot list to my photographer?
    While not required, a punch/shot list is not required but can be very helpful if you will not be present during the shoot.
  • Can my images be delivered the same day?
    Sadly, we are unable to deliver same day. Not only do our photographs undergo expert processing, but our photographers often work late into the evening and require time and reliable internet to provide the images to us so we can polish them to perfection.

    Nevertheless, we pride ourselves on delivering next business day delivery once we are in receipt of your photographs. We go out of our way to guarantee a quick turn around so you are in possession of the photographs ASAP!

  • What equipment do your photographers use?
    Not only are all of our expert photographers rigorously trained and screened for their expertise, but we assure that all equipment meets our exacting standards for quality. As such, all our photographers are expert in the use of their professional-level DSLR cameras equipped with wide angle lenses specially suited to photo shoots. We are committed to using only the best equipment that we have found produce the best, highest-quality, and most marketable images of your property. If you have a special equipment request for your photo shoot, it's best to contact our office before scheduling your appointment, to see if we're able to accommodate!
  • Will I receive a receipt for my order?
    All orders receive an e-mailed receipt for your order total promptly! If you need a copy of your receipt, please reach out to our team through email at or by calling us at 973-741-7341

Video Walkthrough

  • Why do a video at all?
    We live now in a digital age where access to internet video is at an all time high and buyers are growing to expect video access to properties. Recent surveys show that sellers are 73% more likely to list with an agent that includes video in their marketing package. Moreover, videos provide an immersive experience that allows potential buyers to truly experience the property in a way second only to an actual visit, and listings with video rank higher on search engine results, leading to more attention given to your listing.
  • What is the difference between a video walkthrough tour and 3D tour?
    Video tours are a guided experience. Similar to any Hollywood movie, a video tour is a passive experience that allows the viewer to experience the property the way you want them to. On the other hand, 3D tours are self-guided and allow the viewer to virtually visit the property, moving through it as if they were really there.
  • Can I select the song for the video?

    Sadly, because of copyright restrictions, we choose the music for each of our videos.

    If you would like to use a song we’ve used in previous projects then please let us know beforehand.

  • Can you add any b-roll shots of the park nearby and capture the surrounding area?
    For an additional fee, we are happy to include video of the surrounding area. Costs for this service vary depending on the number of areas you want photographed and the location. Please contact us for a quote.
  • Can we use video footage from a project you did for another client?

    No, each client owns the licensing rights to their own video and so we cannot reuse footage paid for by another client.

  • Can I make changes to the video tour?
    Editing takes time, and as such the client must let us know ahead of time if there are any requests for the video or any areas that should be excluded prior to the video being shot. Unless we make a mistake, re-editing will be an additional charge. If you are providing a script for narration, please make absolutely sure that it is exactly the way you want the narrator to read it.
  • Can you upload the listing video to zillow?
    Yes! We are certified Zillow vendors so we can upload your high quality videos directly to your listing. All you need to do is tell us when the listing is active by e-mailing us at and we will promptly submit your media to Zillow for review and publication!
  • Can I share my content on my own website?
    Sure! You are absolutely free to share your media however you like, whether through a personal webpage, on social media, or through any other means. If you want to share your video, please use the embed code from the Vimeo page for viewers to access the material.
  • Where should I upload my video files?
    We recommend our clients upload to as many platforms as possible for maximum exposure and reach. MLS, Zillow, Facebook, Instagram. YouTube, and Vimeo are all great places to upload to reach as many people as possible.
  • Will you send an unbranded version of the video as well?
    We are happy to send you an unbranded version of your media in order to comply with MLS services. Unbranded property videos will be MLS compliant and will not have the address or your personal contact info. In contrast, branded property videos are allowed to be uploaded to zillow and your social media accounts.
  • How long will be my video be?
    For highlight listing videos, we aim for 60 seconds as the ideal length both for accessibility over multiple platforms (MLS, Zillow, Social Media) and to for optimal viewer engagement. A full walk-through video, meanwhile, usually clocks in at around 1.5-2 minutes to provide a more complete experience of your property.
  • I have video editing software and was wondering if I could add my own captions, edit music to the video you produced. Is that okay?
    Unfortunately, no. As some of the components of our videos contain licensed material, we cannot grant you ownership of the video. What you are granted is license to use the video in its original, unaltered state however you please.
  • Why is my video blurry, choppy etc?
    The most common cause of blurriness and choppiness is because you are accessing the media in standard definition. To watch in high-quality HD, please click on the higher resolution playback button at the bottom right of the video player. If for some reason the problem persists even after accessing the material in HD, please contact us so we can assist you further.

Virtual Staging

  • How much does virtual staging cost?
    Whereas real life-furniture rentals usually charge a percentage of the house listing price plus a rental fee for the furniture, we offer a highly affordable and simple set of alternatives beginning with $40.00 per photo, even when multiple rooms are visible in the same photograph. $60.00 per photo replaces the furniture in the room, whereas virtual renovation projects start at $100.00 per photo.
  • Is virtual staging misleading?
    We recommend our clients practice a sensible policy of disclosure, so that any potential buyers of the property will feel they have been treated honestly and have been given a fair representation of what the property has to offer. To this end, we suggest that the client reveal all the ways the property has been digitally altered and provide before and after images. Nevertheless, virtual staging is in many ways a high-tech version of showing off a furnished property, and most potential buyers understand this.
  • Yes, virtual staging is completely legal and has been widely in use for over 10 years by real-estate companies across the country. Renderings have been in use even longer, and virtual staging is merely the newest iteration of this technique.
  • Is the furniture scaled to the room?
    Our designers assure that all items will be scaled appropriately to the room and each other, matching real-life proportions for the most realistic, true-to-life experience that harmonizes with the floor plan. Viewers will be able to place the same furniture depicted and replicate the look if they so choose in person.
  • Is there a minimum number of images I need to submit?
    Nope. You can submit 1 or 100. No minimum, no maximum
  • What style of furniture do you use?
    We seek to capture spaces in a contemporary, luxurious look that captivates the viewer. Check out some of our IRL stagings to get an idea of what to expect.
  • What if I don't like the final images?
    We allow one revision after delivery of the project. Provided you do not request a different room or furniture style, we are able to tweak the image to your specifications, and we are ready, willing, and able to dedicate time to make sure you get exactly what you want. Nevertheless, if there is a specific look or layout you need then please provide us with this information before starting on image.
  • What happens if I change my mind and want to use a different furniture style?
    If you change your mind on the furniture style, we will redo the photo for the equivalent cost of 1 new photo.
  • Can you change wall colors, floors or other features of the home?
    We are capable of a number of alterations to your property, including wall color, floor types, or the addition/removal of light fixtures. Keep in mind that work that work that involves replacing/removing walls, changing textures, or adding/removing lights will incur extra charges.
  • What rooms make the most sense to virtually stage?
    We suggest the entire house the best option, but for those who prefer a targeted approach for whatever reason, we recommend the living room, dining room, kitchen (if eat in), and master bedroom.
  • Do I need to send you professional photos?
    If you have professional photographs all the better, but we can work with virtually any photograph, so it is not necessary to send us professional photographs to work with. Provided you’re happy with the photographs, we can work with them.
  • Can I virtually stage the outdoor patio or deck?
    Yes, your deck or patio can be staged.

Turnaround Time

  • How do I know when my media is ready?
    All our clients are given e-mail notifications from our dropbox when your media has been processed and uploaded. You will have the ability to download your photos in formats suitable for MLS uploads and for printing. You can download the photographs via a ZIP file to any computer or you may download photos individually.
  • How long do you hold onto photos for?
    We hold onto photos for 3 months. It’s extremely important that you save and back up your listing files for long term storage, as we cannot guarantee your photos will be available after that time for download.
  • What is the turnaround for for photography?
    Photography orders are delivered the next business day after the shoot.
  • What is the turnaround time for Floor Plans?

    Standard Floor Plans are delivered in 1-2 business days after the on-site measurement appointment is completed.

  • What is the turnaround time for Aerial Drone Photography and Video?
    Aerial Drone Photography is typically delivered 1 business day after the shoot, whereas video takes 3 business days.
  • What is the turnaround time for Zillow 3D?
    Zillow 3D tours are delivered 1-2 business days after the shoot.
  • What is the turnaround time for Virtual Staging?
    Virtual Staging takes up to 1-3 business days from confirming receipt of the order, dependent on the amount of work needed. Virtually staging a vacant photo: 1 business day Virtually replacing existing furniture: 2 business days Virtual renovation: 2-3 business days
  • What is the turnaround time for a Video Walkthrough?
    Walkthrough Video is delivered 3-5 business days after the shoot.