Top-Notch Digital Decor To Win And Sell More High-End Listings

The #1 Profit Tool For High-Caliber Real Estate Agents

Give your listings the Visual Grip “Media Makeover” - interior design and full furnishings that can be added to any empty property to produce a spike in interest - and perceived value. Virtual Staging - done the Visual Grip way - is certain to “WOW” even the most sophisticated clients.

Invite Your Clients To Fall In Love With Immersive Virtual Staging

The best realtors (and agencies) in the game rely on Visual Grip to create high-quality, consistent virtual staging because we hold ourselves to the highest standard in the industry.

We provide outstanding high-tech images that are so realistic you honestly can’t tell the difference between live photos and computer generated ones. As a result, your properties sell much more quickly - at or above the asking price.

We Guarantee Excellence.

We’re happy to stand behind our work with an unheard-of quality assurance guarantee because we never put rookie photographers or editors on your project. Our professionals are fully vetted and driven to produce the most visually appealing images on the market. “Big box” real estate photography companies don’t even come close.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

The #1 Profit Tool For High-Caliber Real Estate Agents

Here’s the truth: digital staging CAN be a profit center for your business, not just another marketing expense. We’ll create digital assets that cause your prime listings to fly off the shelf, at a cost that easily fits into your marketing budget.

The results are tangible and immediate.

For only 3% of the cost of “real” staging, you can sell your homes up to 73% faster. In fact, virtual staging has been shown to have an ROI of 586% - but only if it is done correctly.

That’s why we hire and train our photographer and editors to be completely unsurpassable in the quality of their work. When you choose us to create your visuals, you get the benefit of fast, smooth, flawless execution - that enables you to sell more listings with less effort.

Realtors Agree!

How Does Virtual Staging Work?

Picture Day

If you need consistently high-quality photos taken, Visual Grip is the one name you can trust. Our photographers all exhibit peak performance every day; we ensure it. Before filling your empty property with virtually staged interiors, you need excellent photography. That’s where picture day comes in. Find out more about our real estate photography services here.


We treat every project as if it is the most important one, paying attention to even the most seemingly insignificant details that make a phenomenal difference in our images versus others in our field. That’s why our photos look real, when most others look completely faked.

Digital Open House

If you can paint a picture - or in this case digitally create one - of what your clients’ future property can look like when it is “all dressed up,” it will make them more likely to say “yes” to their dream home. Visual Grip invites your clients in to “tour” this home from the safety and comfort of their living room couch.

Easier Sales

When it comes to piquing the imagination of your prime clients, the “small” things usually make the biggest difference; Visual Grip guarantees that the “devil in every detail” is accounted for, every image is just right, and your final image is truly a hit in every way.

Bottom line: great images lead to easier sales - from clients who are excited to buy.

Those Empty Images Of Your Listings 
Are Just BEGGING To Be Furnished

  • Reliable, QUALITY GUARANTEED images for every listing
  • Easily invite higher and more frequent offers
  • Paint a clear vision for your buyers that makes them eager to say, “WHERE DO I SIGN?”
  • Ensure that every property you sell becomes someone’s wish come true
  • Spend more time closing sales and less time talking to “tire kickers”

Paint The "DREAM HOME" vision

For Your Customers Today