Shot by a professional photographer and not just a drone operator.

Give Buyers A Birds-Eye View Of Their (Future) Home

When people can get online and see a home, the neighborhood it’s in and surrounding area, the yard and front door - before they even see it in person, they get a chance to really get excited about the property. We enable you to get your prospects the most immersive viewing experience possible.

Visual Grip makes selling homes a downhill ride, rather than an uphill hike.

The numbers are in… Why Top Performers Prefer Visual Grip

Did you know properties with drone video and drone photography sell 68% faster than those without?

Can you imagine what you could do with all that extra time? We can.

High-volume agents use drones 3.5 X more often than low volume agents… meaning that the smart realtors who use drone photography in New Jersey and New York use their extra time selling more homes.

And get this: 73% of home-owners are more likely to list with an agent who uses drone videos. In New York, New Jersey, or anywhere.

So not only will you be attracting more buyers for your listings, you will also be attracting more sellers who need you to find them great buyers. Having drone video in New Jersey and New York improves your business without having to lift a finger.

Don’t Be “Good”
 Be The BEST

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out making more sales with less effort is the fastest recipe for freedom and ease as a real estate agent.

Imagine: having an army of high-end customers and connections who exclusively choose to bring you referrals, prestige, and influence because they love the way you present their properties for sale. Not to mention the results you get.

In 2021, everything comes down to your online presence. That first impression is so much more powerful than you’ve ever imagined - and having the right drone photography in New Jersey and New York could help make you an “overnight success.”

Blasting out of the “glass ceiling” of your real estate business may be easier than you ever thought, when you have the right visuals to generate leads AND turn them into SALES.

“What you see is what you get” takes on a whole new meaning

When you are able to provide your clients with the kind of elite drone photography and drone videos in New York and New Jersey that gets amazing results every time.

Take a look at our work and imagine what we can do for you!

Drone video gallery

Drone pricing for photography and video services

New Jersey drone pricing

Daytime hours PRICE PER
Drone photos: up to 7 images $150.00 Listing
Drone video: up to 1 minute long $150.00 Listing
Twilight hours PRICE PER
Drone photos: up to 7 images $225.00 Listing
Drone video: up to 1 minute long $225.00 Listing

New York drone pricing

Daytime hours PRICE PER
Drone photos: up to 7 images $250.00 Listing
Drone video: up to 1 minute long $250.00 Listing

What Makes Visual Grip
 Definitively Superior

Visual Grip isn’t some new (literal) “fly-by-night” crew offering drone photography in New Jersey and New York. We’re highly-trained specialists who represent the upper crust of the industry.

All of our drone photographers are FAA certified and we follow all FAA regulations.* We can come to your property to get the perfect drone video anywhere in New Jersey or New York, and you do not even need to be present!

Each expert is specially trained to get the kind of high-impact shots that sell properties - photos and videos our owner himself stands behind 100% with our audacious satisfaction guarantee.

Heck, we can even take drone photos and drone video at night.

As with all of our visuals, we work only with high-resolution, high-quality imagery, and our drones are no exception.

* In some cases, we cannot use a drone due to the limitations of these rules - be sure to contact us to see if your property can be safely captured by a drone.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!