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Visual Grip Is The Only Real Estate Photo, Video, Drone, Floor Plan, and Virtual Tour Company That Guarantees A+ Quality On EVERY Shoot. Schedule To Finish In 24 Hours!

Visual Grip Is The Foolproof Way To
Make Any Property Stand Out!

Imagery hits your potential buyer’s brain within 13 milliseconds, and you do NOT get a second chance to make a first impression. If your photography doesn’t impress, you can bet on losing a large percentage of potential buyers!

We Offer 100% Crisp, High-End Imagery Every Time

Put your best photo forward with Visual Grip’s exclusive consistency guarantee. We PROMISE every set of photos, real estate video, or drone photography you receive from ANY member of our team will be absolutely stellar, A+ grade media that draws in potential home buyers and keeps flippers coming back for more.

Refined Expertise

Each one of our specialists focuses solely on their part of the puzzle. Our photographers focus on taking incredible photos, our editors polish them to perfection, and the end result is you have a much higher-caliber visual content than ever before.

Effective & Efficient

Due to the incredibly high standards of skill on our team, it only takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to fully shoot your property. In almost every case, we can offer crazy fast one-business day turnaround times that make our competitors look lazy, and you look good to your clients.

Captivating Real Estate Photography

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters are results. Our photography will help you get more leads, more quickly for your listing and potentially sell it at a higher price. We live up to our name, Visual Grip, because our photos will grab your customers and keep them interested.

The State Of The Art In

Selling Homes Rapidly

Here at Visual Grip, we use HDR (high dynamic range) real estate photography - a cutting-edge technique where we capture multiple images of the same scene using different exposure and brightness values, and then we layer them all together to create a single, high definition image.

This creates amazingly immersive, absolutely eye-popping photos that stand out - even as a thumbnail.

Our highly trained photographers carefully choose each layer to complement the next, making for a deliciously stunning picture that “wows” clients time after time. Amazingly vibrant high-definition photos simply make your property look luxurious.

NJ Real Estate Photography Pricing

Please visit our NYC Real Estate Photography page for pricing in New York City.

Professional photography (daytime interior and exterior) PRICE PER
Up to 15 photos $175.00 Listing
25 photos $200.00 Listing
35 Photos $225.00 Listing
45 Photos $250.00 Listing
55 Photos $275.00 Listing
Additional photos $25.00 10 photos
Photo extras
Twilight interior photography - Up to 5 photos $250.00 Listing
Twilight exterior photography - Up to 5 photos $200.00 Listing
Exteriors only - Up to 5 photos $100.00 Listing
Detail touchup request (ie: clutter removal) $25.00 Hour

The Content Of The Future
Let's face it...

The easiest way to sell a house in this economy is to get buyers to absolutely fall in love with it before they even see it in person.

Here at Visual Grip, we have perfected the art of real estate photography for New Jersey buyers - and we’ve seen the difference it makes in our clients sales. A listing with Visual Grip draws in buyers by capturing the beauty of each unique space.

Our Realtors sell listings faster, and at asking price or higher - (almost) every single time.

But Don't Take Our Word For It -

Hear It From Them:

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Get The Photography Right And Everything Else Is Easy:

Negotiation prices will stay higher, meaning happier clients & more money for you
Your selling job will be made much easier, and you’ll be looked at as a true pro
You won’t have a hard time finding qualified leads to buy your clients’ homes
Competition? You’ll be the one scaring more timid realtors away with your listings
Buyers will be able to visualize themselves having their morning cup of coffee and daily newspaper in “their new home” every day from the get-go.

Capture the attention of buyers from the first second all the way through closing with Visual Grip, and elevate your career to the next level starting today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our full FAQ page for more information.

  • Will the photographer stage my property?

    Owing to liability and risk of injury, our photographers are limited only to light staging (e.g. fluffing pillows, moving blankets, closing toilet seats, turning off TVs, and straightening chairs). Clients should be sure to clean, prepare, and stage the property to their liking before the shoot, and are encouraged to please view our pre-shoot checklist with further details on how to achieve best results.

  • Is my photographer experienced in real estate photography and will I be getting the same quality of photos on your website?
    Our expert photographers are rigorously trained and monthly reviewed to assure their quality is second-to-none. We assure that our clients get only the best from Visual Grip. Moreover, every image taken by all of our photographers is uploaded to our in-house processing team that makes sure that every photograph looks its absolute best.
  • How long does it take to photograph a listing?
    Our photographers usually spend between 30-60 minutes on site, with larger properties and special services taking somewhat longer. In order to assure prompt and timely service, the property must be open house ready by the time the photographer is scheduled to arrive. Because of our commitment to respecting all of our customer’s time, our photographers are unable to wait for the property to be readied owing to the tight schedule our photographers keep.
  • Can we move things from one room to another?
    Generally, clients should prepare the property beforehand to minimize moving, as this is especially problematic if multiple services are offered during a single visit as that can necessitate back-and-forth moving that will slow down the visit.
  • When is payment due?
    Payment is due as soon as we finish shooting your property. An invoice will be e-mailed to you for you at the conclusion of the appointment.
  • Can I preview all of my images and choose the ones I want?
    We take only the best photographs and so we rarely expend the effort to more than a handful more than the project demands, and so we do not offer a proofing service. If you have specific requests for what we should photograph, please let your photographer know. We are happy to photograph what you want.
  • Can you photoshop that?
    Removal of small items is included in the cost of your photography package. We recommend you tell your photographer on-site as to what sort of touch ups you’d like to see done. If you need any additional touch up requests after you received the photos then contact We are usually able to deliver such touch-ups within 24-48 hours. Keep in mind, however, that large or detailed requests may incur an additional charge depending on the amount of work needed. We recommend having things as close as possible to what you want photographed to avoid such charges.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!